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• Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Hi everyone!  As promised, here is one of the Resolutions from UBCM.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province of British Columbia examine the application of the BC Carbon Tax with the intent of mitigating impacts and creating incentives for local governments and residents to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.  Carried

Jerrilyn’s notes: This resolution was time consuming, clocking in right around the one hour mark.  There was a motion to pass a friendly ammendment to mitigate in those areas which don’t have transit choices.  This ammendment did not carry but the resolution as stated above, did.

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• Monday, October 20th, 2008

The past several months have been filled with learning for me.  Back in the spring when I ran in the by-election, the issues facing Council were clear. The town was speaking loud and clear on the direction they wanted to the community to move.

I have listened to what you have been saying to me and I have acted on it. Thank you for trusting me.

Now, on to business.

I would like to speak a bit about what happened at the UBCM.  We had meetings with Stan Hagen the Minister of Agriculture and Lands to discuss fossil protection, the Honourable John van Dongen Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General to discuss ATV licensing. There was also a meeting discuss the road to Kinuseo Falls. These meetings were all very successful and I felt that we were heard.

I will be posting some of the resolutions that were passed at the UBCM for your information in days to follow.  

One of the sessions that was of interest to me was Building Sustainable Communities.  This was a very timely half day workshop which gave insight into strategies which are in place to encourage low cost housing, multi family housing, carbon neutral development, safe growth, etc.

Another session that was extremely interesting was called Auditing Your Fire Department.  This is something that I have asked that the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department take part in.

Thanks for stopping by, I will begin putting some of the resolutions up tomorrow.


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