• Monday, January 04th, 2016

So here it is….my first truly political post of this election and it is not a post about who to or who not to vote for. I don’t care if you are Red, Blue, Orange or Green in your political leanings. I don’t care who you voted for, I do however care that you voted. I don’t care if you liked Harper or disliked Harper. It just amazes me that people around the world see Canadians as so polite and yet the things Canadians have said about Harper in last few days following his defeat are horrible. People….this is a man with a wife and children who just served his country …served us. His family sacrificed and he sacrificed. Of course he made bad decisions and bad judgement calls at times…..just like EVERY other Prime Minister Canada has , and he made great decisions at times….just like EVERY other Prime Minister Canada has. But in the end, he is a man and he has a family who deserve our thanks and our respect as they move on into the next stage of their lives. Wouldn’t it show the world a much better side of Canada if we could put away our verbal swords and poison for awhile and thank this man who saw our country through many difficult times?

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