• Monday, September 21st, 2015

You probably won’t believe this but I have friends who are die hard Conservatives,  I have friends who are die hard Liberals and I have  friends who are die hard NDP supporters.  This isn’t in itself unusual I suppose, but it does influence how I post on Facebook and other social media sites.

The funny thing about elections is that they can batter and even destroy friendships and acquaintances.  When I was a child my Dad and Mom told me “never discuss politics, religion or sex”.  As an adult I think about this and am pretty sure they didn’t mean …EVER.  I think what my parents meant is “never just begin spewing negative political, religious or sexual thoughts randomly” because you will, in all likelihood, end up offending someone.

Have you noticed how, on social media sites, people randomly post thoughts about political parties and leaders, religious belief systems and sexual orientation.  Most of these posts are cloaked in humour, but alas, even an offensive remark that is well concealed in humour, does damage and puts others on the defence.

In the last month I have seen more disparaging political party posts than I have since……well, since the last federal election.  Some are really, really funny, some are clever and some are just down right mean.  I have also seen posts from people saying, “if anyone on my friend list posts anything negative about ________, I will unfriend you.  Just like that!

Why do we let politics become this divisive?  When you look at this  Federal Election, be cognisant that we are choosing a person and a party to run this country, to manage and be fiscally responsible with yours and my tax dollars.  This election will determine the future of our country. Instead of using this election as an opportunity to show the world  how much we love our country and how important this election is, we turn it into a three ring circus and make a mockery of our political foundations.  Why is that?

We owe it to ourselves, and to this Country we call home, to handle this election with tact and dignity.  We are not going to change the way someone votes because we have posted a joke about a candidate’s bad breath, or by comparing a Canadian leadership hopeful to Donald Trump.  We may however impact people by promoting what and why we support a certain party.

But I believe the best way to influence people is by encouraging them to listen to the candidates, read what each party stands for and then GET OUT AND VOTE.  I know I said that rather loudly, but voting is the one thing that could change our country’s direction. If more people…especially young people, got out and voted,  It would change the face of Canadian politics.  Canada needs a generation of committed voters.

More to come…….

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