• Friday, November 14th, 2014

Well…here we are, the day before the election! Here is another question I was asked by media and my answer.On a related note, the NEBC Resource Municipalities Coalition has faced accusations from a few rural directors of being at best, redundant, and at worst a rival to the PRRD. How do you feel about the new coalition? What opportunities, if any, do you see for co-operation between the new coalition and the PRRD? Finally, what steps, if any, do you think the PRRD should take in the next term to promote the federative concept of regional districts?
One thing I can say after being involved in politics for over 10 years is that elected officials will generally do what they feel is best for the area and the people they represent. Although I do see redundancies, if this Coalition is what the Mayors feel is best for their communities, then I wish them well. The issues we will work together on will be the issues which represent both rural and municipal interests. I know that as a Director I’m always willing to work with other levels of government or other organizations to ensure that Area E resident’s best interests are served. So, if that was the intent of a co-operative initiative, then I would be more than willing to be part of that. If I felt that in any way this would hinder the interests of the residents of Area E or the PRRD, I would be a strong voice in opposition. Probably the best way for the PRRD to promote the federative concept of Regional Districts is for us to continue operating within the mandate we have been given by the Provincial Government and when the newly elected workshops are held, ensuring all newly elected representatives are educated as to how Regional Districts came into being, what a Regional District’s mandate is and how a Regional District operates.

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