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• Monday, October 27th, 2014

Nothing prepares you for receiving a call from your child telling you she’s been diagnosed with cancer. But that’s the call I received from my daughter, who is the mother of three, just under 2 years ago.

Then, an urgent phone message eight months later from the hospital that my father had fallen and hit his head and they were not sure he would make it…a bleeding brain.

Life is easy when you are dealt all good cards but it is when you get a bad hand that you learn about who you are, what is truly important and the importance of serving family and community. I will come back to this.

I have lived in the Peace for the past 25 years and am honored to have been elected as Electoral Area E Director for the Peace River Regional District board. I sit on numerous boards as part of this role.

This past year I was elected to the North Central Local Government Association board, representing Area E and the PRRD regionally. I also represent Area E on the Union of British Columbia Municipalities board. This gives us a voice at the Provincial level. Federally I sit on four standing committees including Rural Communities and Remote and Northern Communities committees giving us a voice at a federal level.

These are all great things that benefit the area but it is the life lessons learned rather than the jobs we hold, that make each of us who we are today. Who we are determines how we serve. The events I spoke of earlier have reinforced some essential lessons which inform both my personal life and my public service.

1. Don’t ever give up! Make mistakes. When you are making mistakes you are trying new things, learning new things, living, pushing yourself and changing your world.

2 Don’t be afraid to admit those mistakes. We’ve all seen what happens when politicians try to deny the mistakes they make.

3. Play is important …it rejuvenates us but also allows us to contemplate the improbable/impossible…it lays the groundwork for innovation and possibility.

4 Stand up for what you believe in. If you don’t, how can people expect you to stand up for the issues they believe in. Be passionate about what you do!

So here I am, running for re-election in Area E and I am passionate. I have had three years to learn about the issues we face and the strategic goals of the Regional District. I’m ready to commit to another four years of listening to you, and advocating for the issues that impact all of us.

I grew up in a rural environment and my heart is rural. Area E is my priority, representing you is my priority. I do it full time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On November 15 I ask you to please put an x beside Jerrilyn Schembri on your ballot.

• Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

From a wonderful resident of Area E:

November 15 those able to vote in the PRRD Electoral Area E elections I strongly urge you to vote for the voice of Jerrilyn for director ,Electoral area E , a strong , confidant voice for you .She has supported Area E thus far giving her heart and soul to the voice of our communities and has brought the north to the forefront of many a round table by representing area E by being the voice of the people that has deserved to be heard for many years now . I strongly urge you to drop her a line or give her a phone call just spending a few moments with this amazing woman who truly backs area E fully and completely with a passion and drive for growth and forward thinking and you will be able to see and hear in her voice the passion she has for this area . When you speak to her and hear all of the things that have been accomplished in the time she has been in as Area E director , you cannot help but leave the conversation with a zest and excitement for what’s to come. On November 15 vote JERRILYN.

• Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

• Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

• Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

The time to put your papers in for the upcoming Local Government Elections closed on Friday.  I have two people running against me for Area E.  I would like to thank them and wish them enjoyment during the campaigning period.  It is always great to get out and meet the residents and answer questions.

Today I had a PRRD Emergency Committee meeting to review our Emergency Plan.  Trish and Jill do an awesome job of the Emergency Management side of things for the RD.

Tomorrow I head off to Moberly Lake for a meeting.  I always enjoy catching up with the people there and the drive is beautiful.

• Wednesday, October 01st, 2014

Today I filed my papers for Electoral Area E.  i have been so fortunate to have spent the last there years as the Area E Director, representing the rural residents.  The election is coming up in November so six weeks till BC residents will be given a chance to elect their representatives.  Best wishes to all of those who have chosen to put their names forward to serve their communities.