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• Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Literacy Legacy books collected at the NCLGA!

Fort Nelson Councillor Kim Eglinski doing resolutions.

Olympic medalist Denny Morrison giving keynote at the banquet.


Don Lidstone presenting keynote address.

Councillor Bruce Bidgood dreaming about being an Olympic athlete wearing Denny Morrison’s medal.

President of UBCM Rhona Martin giving her address.


Tables of delegates at the Pomeroy.

Local Government Auditor General presenting.
My hand…Denny Morrison’s medal


• Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

I had the privilege of running for and winning 2nd Vice President of the NCLGA.  Here is my bio from that campaign…

There is nothing that prepares you for receiving a call from your child telling you she’s been diagnosed with cancer.  But that’s the call I received from my daughter, who is the mother of three, just under 18 months ago.

Then, an urgent phone message 6 months later from the hospital that my father had fallen and hit his head,  a bleeding brain the doctors informed me and an uncertain rather hopeless prognosis.

Life is easy when you are dealt all good cards but it is when you get a bad hand that you learn about who you are, what is truly important and the importance of family and community.

I am the rural director for Area E  on the Peace River Regional District board, and a former a councillor for the District of Tumbler Ridge.  I sit on numerous boards, as all of us who are involved in public service seem to do, but it is the life lessons learned rather than the jobs we hold, that make each of us who we are today. The last 18 months has taught me some essential lessons which inform both my personal life and my public service.

1. Always be optimistic. You all know the things we face while involved in local government…face them with a smile, be positive and don’t give up. You got involved in serving the public for a reason…stay true to that and work hard at what you are doing.

2. Play is important … rejuvenates us but also allows us to contemplate the improbable/impossible like flying to Mars……it lays the groundwork for innovation and possibility.

3. Try something new! Make mistakes. When you are making mistakes you are trying new things, learning new things, living, pushing yourself and changing your world.   And then don’t be afraid to admit those mistakes. We’ve all seen what happens when politicians try and deny the mistakes they make. You’re only human, and if you deal with people on that level, on the level of our shared humanity, you’ll be surprised how generous and forgiving most people really are.

4. Appreciate the opportunity you have been entrusted with, to serve people.

So, here I am trying something new.  I am thankful to all of you for giving me  the opportunity to work with  Maxine, Karen and the board for the past three years I have learned so much and truly come to appreciate the work the NCLGA does.

I am excited to work with Oliver and the new board to develop a series of innovative initiatives including:

-the NCLGA Literacy Legacy

-Northern BC Advocacy Days

-building a series of in-house consultation capacities to assist local governments.

-forging new relationships with those companies who are investing in Northern BC (ie industry round-tables on technology, health, communications).

I look forward to continuing this exciting work serving as your second vice president.