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• Friday, August 30th, 2013

I saw this sign and thought I had to share….as today I want to talk a bit about being thankful.

So, as those of you who know my family a little know, my daughter Jade has a blog and every Thursday she does something called Thankful Thursday talking about the things she was thankful for that week.  She says it reminds her to always be thankful.  Today I’m going to do a Thankful Thursday in which I will list the things I am thankful for today.

1.  The Hutterite women who made me the most amazing down duvet…I received it today and am really looking forward to a cozy sleep tonight.  Thank you!!

2.  Not hitting the ditch when my tire blew!

3.  The very nice South African man who works at PRC who stopped to help out.

4. That my dad keeps an emergency kit well stocked in the trunk, it made things so much safer as we changed the tire!  But Dad…your emergency vest still says Police on it!

5. Speaking of Dad…my dad had heart surgery back in March and was put on blood thinners following surgery.  The blood thinners did something to his blood pressure and he fell and hit his head and ended up with a subderal  hematoma (bleeding brain) back in late May.  He has been in the hospital since.  I have been out to see him several times since and he has just been so despondent…like he didn’t have the strength to get better.  There have been days when we weren’t sure he would make it.  Today, when I spoke to Dad,  he sounded more like himself than he has in months.  I am so thankful for my Dad and that he is getting such good care!

6. The tire shop managed to find the same type of tire for the Jetta as the one that blew out so hopefully the car will be back to normal on Saturday.

7  That I am fortunate enough to hold the position of Area E Director for the PRRD.   I am so glad the people of Area E  have allowed me to be their representative on the Regional Board.

8. The staff at the PRRD…I don’t know what else to say…they are awesome!

9. That tonight was my final Community meeting regarding the building bylaw and it went  well.

10. Dante and I arrived home safely after seeing 1 big moose , 2 coyote  and 1 fox (Dante says it was a fox…I think it was a coyote)  and THREE MICE ewwwwww!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

• Wednesday, August 28th, 2013


So the Community Chats have been happening and so far there has been a great turn out to discuss the building bylaw along with other community issues and successes.  Last night was Area E west of the river and tomorrow night is Area E east of the River…being held at McLeod in the school at 7 PM.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out there. Prior to the community meeting we will be having a cemeteries meeting with the three cemeteries in the area.

• Sunday, August 04th, 2013

What are the issues you see in the upcoming bi-election?  Send me a message and lets chat about it.