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• Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Today I had my picture taken, several times in fact.

Why am I telling you this?

Because of the fantastic fundraiser that is put on by Eye For Detail Photos and the Tumbler Ridge Food Bank.

Every year around this time Eye for Detail Photo’s sets up out at Fern’s Fineries and people are invited to come by for a 20 min photo shoot.  It is perfect timing, just before Christmas. The cost is $30 and when you leave you are holding a fantastic 8 x 10 photo of your family, kids, pets or whoever you have along.  All of the money raised is then donated back to the TR Food Bank.

This fundraiser usually ends up pulling in $1000 or more thanks to the amazing sponsors and the people of Tumbler Ridge who are so very generous.  The best part is…in a week or so you can go look at all of your photos and if you want more, you can order them in the form of pictures, Christmas cards, canvases or even metal prints, and a portion of every purchase goes back to the food bank.  It is a win win fundraiser…you are giving back to the community and you end up with some amazing pictures.

Now, what do Grandkids have to do with this?  My daughter Jade brings her four beautiful daughters, my granddaughters, out to take part in this fundraiser every year.  This year they got to my house around noon and I got to spend some quality time with them.  They were so inspired by the Photo’s for Food fundraiser that they decided to take some pictures on their own with my iphone.  Below you can see some of their finest work!!  Thanks Jade, Dakota, Addison, Tegan, Myka and Danica for such a fun filled afternoon.

• Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has been the national voice of municipal government since 1901. It is an organization made up of cities and communities from every corner of Canada, and is our chosen national voice. Through FCM, local governments listen to each other, to our partners and to decision-makers in the Government of Canada. Listening allows local governments to understand what is happening in big cities and small towns, what are the priorities of the federal government and how FCM can work effectively with our partners.

FCM unites local governments  and allows them to work side-by-side to identify challenges, analyze options and develop effective ways to overcome the issues all Canadian local governments face.

FCM talks credibly and strives to ensure federal decision-making reflects the needs of all Canadians.

Over the past months FCM has been putting together the Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge.  Failing infrastructure is one of the main issues facing all local governments today. From the smallest rural area in Canada to the largest city, infrastructure is failing and must be repaired or replaced.  I am attaching an interactive link if you would like to learn more.  I support the FCM Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge.





• Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Canada has always been known for its peaceful people, amazing culture, and beautiful scenery. But even more that, Canada is known for its patriotism. Today and always, let us remember to salute those patriotic men and women who served our nation so selflessly.

Thank you to those who work tirelessly to organize the Community Remembrance Day Ceremony…to Frank Walsh the MC for the event, the Legion Ladies for the wonderful lunch, Sgt. Render, Mayor Darwin Wren and all of those who took part in the day.  It was truly special.

• Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Friday night i had the privilege of  spending the evening with some wonderful folks from Jackfish Lake area.  Thank you to Betty for arranging the evening and the homemade buns and soup.  Thanks to everyone who came out to find out what is happening in their community.

• Saturday, November 03rd, 2012



So it was a busy day today.  It started with a tour of the HD mining site.  The work there is progressing very well.  They are using lots of local resources and people.  Thanks for the tour and the awesome green steel toed rubber boots, safety vest and hard hat you let me wear!!

Then out of rubber boots into clothes appropriate for a Fireman’s ball.  What an awesome evening with the Chetwynd Volunteer Fire Department.  The drive was interesting because of the rain we had today but it was worth it.

The volunteer fire fighters give selflessly of their time and energy to protect the people of Chetwynd and Area E.  Volunteerism is the fabric which binds all of the members of this region together and on behalf of the PRRD…thank you Chetwynd volunteer Firefighters and Chief Sabulsky for a job well done!  Congratulations to everyone who won an award!


• Thursday, November 01st, 2012

I love the trip to Chetwynd in the summer, the scenery is breath taking…but the other night when I drove to Moberly Lake the trip was a white knuckle event. I made it there and back safely.  Thanks to Shannon and Trish for letting me ride with them from Chetwynd to Moberly Lake.  We had a meeting with the Moberly Lake Fire Department and I was once again impressed with the dedication and hard work of this small group of volunteers that form the board and the firefighting team.